Half-yearly Cybersecurity Trends for 2020

Now that we are halfway through 2020, it is crucial to analyze this year’s trends and practices in cybersecurity. Since, Most of the employees still working from home, companies have opened their applications to the internet thus making them a bit more vulnerable. This has left plenty of room of opportunity for the hackers and attackers during these corona times.

2020 is a tough year has also been tough for the companies and cybersecurity domain an argument which can be validated with the facts till date:

  • Cyber-attacks during the corona times have risen, as it has been reported that up to 80% of the firms reported an increase in the attacks. Majorly, attacks towards home workers rose by five-fold in 6 weeks into lockdown.
  • With the increased cyber-attacks the banking industry has seen a steep 238% rise in attacks on banks and financial institutions.
  • Among the increased attacks a major part 27% of attacks have been targeted towards banks or healthcare industry.
  • With everyone working remotely and major businesses hosted on the cloud, there has been a significant amount of raise in Cloud-based attacks, reaching up to 630% between January and April 2020.
  • After the end of February when almost everyone was under lockdown he has been 600% in Phishing attempts. Among those Apple accounted for about 10% of branded phishing attempts in Q1 2020.
  • Ransomware attacks rose 148% in March and Average ransomware payment rose by 33% in Q1 when compared to Q4 2019.
  • A report from UK lists that about 30% increase in attacks was noticed in Q1 2020 and total about 394,000 unique IP addresses attacked UK firms during Q1 this year.

More can be referenced at https://www.ukwebhostreview.com/blog/cybersecurity-statistics/

Since we are still into lockdowns it will be concerning if these figures increase, thus it becomes necessary to implement best security practices. Contact ASPIA InfoTech for cost-effective and efficient cybersecurity services.

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